We have strong belief that in order to prosper, we need to ensure prosperity of all those communities to which we serve and in which we operate. For us, corporate sustainability goes beyond the boundaries of reporting, compliance or going green and its essence is to build a profitable, conscientious and responsible corporation of the future.

Our core assets are the strategic relationships with our customers and suppliers which are based on the ground of mutual respect, harmony and integrated growth. We always welcome those business partners who share our values and ethical commitments; and who work together for strong & strategic business relationship development.

We believe that healthy business performance is linked with healthy populations & healthy economies that is why our corporate philosophy encompasses the respect of human rights, discouraging un-ethical practices, and makes sure that it caters to all health, safety & environment (HSE) related issues.
We respect the national laws, international standards and our Corporate Business Principles in ways that help to protect the environment for future generations.

Happy and Healthy Community

We are committed to follow the highest global standards of health, safety and environment (HSE) to ensure that security, safety and well-being of our employees is embedded in the very core of our business. We as individuals and collectively as a group strive to minimize harmful practices and to embrace all those emerging trends that will help us leave a more gentle environmental footprint and to prevent unnecessary wastage of our natural resources.
All our business strategies either operational or strategic are designed by considering their environmental impact and are consistent with our vision for a healthy and happier world.

Economic development of the society

Our commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lies at the heart of our business and is apparent in all our strategic decisions. With aim to support sustainability in the communities we work in, we are actively taking such steps that uplift the communities. Through these efforts we strive to improve awareness among employees on our responsibilities towards society. Our efforts to invest in our human capital, to prevent unnecessary wastage of natural resources, and to share our business gains with all our stake-holders, show our great sense of responsibility towards our communities.

Investing in sustainable change

Investing responsibly in a sustainable environment would result in a safer lifestyle for coming generations and would ensure the continuity of the ecosystem. With our dedicated commitment to look to a ‘greener future’, we are investing in sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives to impact lives and inspire change. Such investments are creating economic, societal and environmental value for the company and are bringing about a sustainable change. Carrying out environmental impact assessments and continuous monitoring of our efforts, ensure that we are along the path of practicing ‘green’ methods at key points in all our operations and our commitments are geared towards creating real value for our stake-holders as they ensure socio- economic growth through capacity building and community empowerment.

Our recent sustainable manufacturing practices include

1. To reduce utility usage (electricity, water, natural gas) that in result would reduce our carbon footprint.

2. To reduce operational waste and to promote an environment of reusing, and recycling.

3. To work in collaboration with other stakeholders to ensure optimization of environmental sustainability.

4. To suggest our customers such innovative packaging solutions for the personal care industry that are consistent with our sustainability targets.

Many more plans and partnerships are currently in process and will be shared soon.