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Khatoon Industries (Pvt.) Limited was established in 1980 as a laundry soap manufacturing company. Over the years, the company widened its horizons and today it is producing the finest brands of Toilet soap, Medicated soap, Hair Shampoo, Face Wash & Liquid Detergents.

The company has installed one of the most advanced soap machinery including glycerine extraction plant and has the ability to produce soaps of all sizes with variety of packaging combination.

The company installed HFCS-55% in 1986 with the technical help of Samsung Group (Korean, Samsung group) and produced high Fructose corn syrup till 1992. Now many types of sweeteners are being produced at this plant. Company produces rice syrups and rice proteins for national & International market. We are committed to produce and deliver the product without compromising on quality standards and working hard for continuous improvement.

Abdul Wajid Sethi

Muhammad Shoaib Sethi
Chief Executive Officer

As a responsible social citizen, we are dedicated to satisfy the needs of our customers with underlying commitment to establish mutually beneficial strategic business relationships.


To be a global contract manufacturer of toilet soap with increased focus on innovating specialized products


To be a leading exporter of rice based products by introducing modern technology & providing specialized products to niche markets.


Khatoon Industries started its business in 1982 by manufacturing laundry soap on a small scale with a small team of highly professional and dedicated personnel. Continuously and gradually this small unit started manufacturing of Toilet Soap on a large scale in 1984.Today KIPL (Khatoon Industries Pvt. Ltd) is a diversified industry dealing in “ Toilet soap, Medicated Soap , face wash, hand wash, liquid glucose,rice protein, liquid bleach & Hair shampoo”. KIPL has not only introduced modern technologies in Pakistan but has also promoted corporate governance in harmony with the country's cultural environment, thus providing a sense of participation at every level - from the grass roots to the top.

Realizing its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen, the Industry has been playing a role in promoting the life style and contributing to health facilities. It is playing its role in improving the quality of life with the commitment that what has come from the society should be shared with the society. KIPL has been established in order to focus on community's growth particularly through health care, skin care and body care.

The growth of KIPL is the result of its focus on good Corporate Governance.

Now, as a market leader in the contract manufacturing of soaps & Toiletries, it is emerging as a globally competitive center of production and exports.

Muhammad Siddique Waseem
Company Secretary

We guarantee to the Customers, the highest quality standards in all aspects during the manufacturing of their product. In order to achieve that, we have implemented and maintained the following:

  • We have extensive in-process and finished-product quality checks

  • We rigorously inspect incoming ingredients and components to ensure their full traceability.

  • We can advise on the selection of packaging material & Raw Material suppliers in Pakistan.

  • We have a formulation library to suggest our customer right recipe that may meet our customer's requirements more comprehensively and competitively.

  • We keep complete documentations for the following:

    • Batch records

    • Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)

    • QC testing starting from receipt of raw material till dispatch of finished products

  • We are the most experienced toilet soap contract manufacturer in Pakistan currently working with multiple multinationals as per their standards.

  • We are flexible enough to provide Scale-up capabilities from small lab & clinical batches to large scale production batches.

  • We have highly experienced quality control and quality assurance staff.

  • We have implement good manufacturing practices (GMP) throughout our facility

  • We use Confidentiality Agreements to keep the integrity of our customers and their products,